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Binding wires and stirrups.
The binding wire shall be 3.66mm diameter (SWG 9) plain aluminium bare conductor to BS2627, Soft drawn for use with bare All Aluminium and ACSR conductors.

The binding wire for use with PVC covered conductors shall be covered with 0.5mm blackPVC to BS 6746 type 1.

The stirrups shall be cold formed such that the bends shall be smooth and the stirrup free from indentations.

The stirrup shall be 7.0mm diameter aluminium rod to BS 1475, designated GIB conditionH8
Packing and Marking.
The finished Aluminium Binding Wire and Stirrups shall be packed in coils such as to prevent damage during transportation and storage. Each coil shall be 100m in length

The following information shall be maeked legibly and in a permanent manner on the package.
a) The manufacturers name
b) The Type of Product
c) The length, in metres
d) The mass, in kilograms
e) The Standard to which the product complies
The manufacturer shall submit clause by clause statement of compliance with these specifications together with copies of the manufacturer’s catalogue, brochures, technical data, drawings and copies of previous test reports clearly marked to support each clause, all in the English Language for evaluation. The manufacturer’s type reference/designation and technical particulars of item offered shall be submitted.

Technical details and Drawings for the Aluminium Binding Wire and Stirrups to be supplied shall be submitted to KPLC/REA for approval before manufacture commences.

Complete test reports for the Aluminium Binding Wire and Stirrups Shall be submitted to KPLC/REA for approval before shipment/delivery. The test reports shall be in from an ISO/IEC 17025 accredited Laboratory recognized by international Laboratory Accreditation Co-operation (ILAC).
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