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Expulsion Fuse.
The rating of the complete fuse cutout shall be as follows: -
Rated voltage 12 kV
Rated lightning impulse withstand voltage (dry) 95 kV
Rated 1min. power frequency withstand voltage (wet) 38 kV
Rated frequency 50 Hz
Rated breaking capacity 8 kA
Rated short circuit current withstand of fuse base & carrier 12.5 kA (3sec)
Rated current of fuse base 200A
Minimum creepage distance 320 mm
Design An Construction.

--->> General

a) The Expulsion Fuse Cutout shall be designed and manufactured in accordance with IEC 282 part 2.

b) The Expulsion Fuse Cutout shall be supplied as a complete unit incorporating the fuse mount (fuse base) with its fuse-carrier.

c) All current carrying parts shall be of electrolytic high conductivity copper with the contacts hard drawn copper and silver-plated.

d) The fuse cutout shall withstand the specified impulse and power frequency voltages in all applicable mounting positions including angle      mounting.

--->> Fuse mount (fuse base)

a) The fuse mount shall incorporate Porcelain or Silicon Rubber Insulators to suitvoltage insulation requirements and a hot dip galvanized steel      bracket suitable for angle mounting on a steel channel. The fuse cutout shall be secured on the mounting bracket by a minimum of two bolts     complete with nuts.

b) The fuse base shall be complete with contacts, terminals for connection to the external circuit and accessories all suitable for the specified      atmospheric conditions.

c) The hinge shall be in cast bronze.

d) The terminals shall be suitable for both copper and aluminium conductors of diameter sizes up to 18.2mm. The nut for securing the fuse (tail     end) shall be in stainless steel.

e) The fuse mount shall be arranged such that each unit is mounted independently on an angle bracket. It shall be supplied complete with angle     bracket suitable for mounting at 30° to the vertical.

---> Fuse Carrier

a) The fuse carrier shall be of the vertical opening, single pole operation and suitable for manual removal from and insertion into the fuse mount      from ground level with the aid of insulated operating rod fitted with expulsion fuse head.

b) The fuse carrier shall be suitable for use as drop out expulsion fuse isolator.

c) The fuse carrier shall be designed and manufactured to accommodate standard expulsion fuse link of the button head single tail type.

d) The lower and upper tubes as well as the pull ring (eye) of the fuse carrier shall all be in cast bronze.

e) The fuse carrier shall be spring loaded at the lower end to ensure an even tension on the fuse link and adequate contact pressure to assist in     expelling the fuse carrier when the fuse blows.

f) The fuse carrier shall be designed such that it is removable from the fuse mount and when removed, shall provide adequate electrical isolation     between the contact points.
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