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Financial Objectives .....

Highlife Construction & Supplies ltd. has set up financial objectives and controls in order for progress to be monitored. This means that the management decides on specific rates of return on any current and future investments, cash flow forecasts and calculating mark-ups to achieve these.


Harvester Road, Industrial Area  Crystal Court C1, 

P.O Box 7245,     Kiambere Rd., Upper Hill
Nakuru     P.O. Box 17092 – 00100

Tel No: 051-2215870/71   Nairobi, G.P.O.

Fax No: 051-2212238   Cell: - 0722- 747037 / 0733 – 616818

Fax: +254-20-30589100




This being a new company the management understands that Company activities expose it to a variety of financial risks, including credit risk, foreign currency exchange rates and interest rates.  The company’s overall risk management programme focuses on the unpredictability of financial markets and seeks to minimize potential adverse effects on its financial performance.

 The Board provides written principles for overall risk management, as well as written policies covering specific areas such as foreign exchange risk, interest rate risk, credit risk and investing excess liquidity.

The company has policies in place to ensure that sales are made to customer with an appropriate credit history.

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