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Marketing Objectives .....

An intensive campaign is already underway to market this company keeping in mind that this is a growing company in a very competitive field. We wish to maintain an edge over our competitors.  

Familiarization and contact establishment with most government departments and as mentioned earlier, private organizations and NGO’s is already in motion and bearing positive results.  

It is our sincere hope that this company will continue growing to greater heights at the same time satisfying our clients’ needs.  To achieve these we have set up the following goals:-  

Customer Focus - everything we do is driven by customer needs. We want to be your indispensable partner. We have a passion for understanding and exceeding your expectations and we are committed to providing superior products with the highest levels of quality and excellence.

Innovation - we welcome and push change; we constantly look for new ideas, we are ready to make bold moves and decisions, and we encourage our people to be entrepreneurial, to take some risks and to learn from our mistakes. And we keep things simple and minimize bureaucracy.  

Valuing our People - We put the highest priority on developing and retaining outstanding people. We enjoy what we do and we celebrate success. We respect our people and practice open, honest and direct communication. We behave in an ethical, professional and principled manner.  

Passion for Winning – This being a new Company we always want to be the best and are determined to outperform and beat our competition. We are a high energy, fast moving, decisive Company. We like action! We execute well and deliver.  

Boundarylessness - We encourage our Staff to work collaboratively across business units, hierarchy and functions. Our people are supportive of each other and we seek partnership with customers, suppliers and contacts.

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