The equipment is fully automatic four terminal earth electrode resistance and soil resistivity meter with auto ranging from 10milliohms to 20kilo ohms. Auto ranging on resistivity is from 10mohm-meter to 20kiloohm-meter. Testing is BS7671, BS7430 and BS6651. Capable of withstanding rough handling. It cannot lose any of its property or functionality due to transportation over rough terrains. Use outdoors under all weather conditions. Automatic shutdown, low & protective fuse blown indications, noise rejection up to 40volts, indication when high test spikes resistance exist & high noise interference.

•Input power – Changeable internally housed batteries
•Measuring range: 0.01ohm – meter to 20kilo ohm
•Test frequency between 120 to 130hz
•Test voltage up to 50volts
•Voltage withstand 250v ac between any two terminals
•Accuracy at 3%
•Test current up to 10ma (At lowest ohmic range
•Safety IEC 1010 – 1 standards
•EMC to 1EC 61326
•Battery life: more than 3000test of 5secs duration.


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