Mini Ratchet Puller

This 1 ton tension ratchet is suitable for use by lines men for tensioning low voltage conductor in sizes from 25mm2 AA to 100mm2 AA at maximum spans of 60 meters between the poles.



•The ratchet wheel is made from precision cast aluminium alloy
•The equipment has interlocking, precision fit, steel alloy pawls with safety spacer sleeve and cold – rolled, high strength tempered steel frame and handle.
•The equipment is drop forged steel slip hooks with robust safety latches and heavy gauge steel reinforced gauge.
•The bolts are heat treated; while the equipment has a high tensile fully rotating steel swivel with permanent, comfortable, non slip grip.
•Each unit is supplied with a cable clamp/come along clamp suitable for gripping low voltage cables in AA of up to 100 sq. mm.

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